Pleasant Hill CA Shoulder Pain Relief Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Launched

Bay Area Physical Therapy (+1 925-284-3840) has launched a new non-surgical treatment for shoulder pain. It is ideal for individuals who require hands-on therapy to aid the recovery process. The clinic supports clients across the Bay Area, including Pleasant Hill, CA.

The newly launched non-surgical treatment from Bay Area Physical Therapy can help individuals suffering from shoulder pain. This treatment also includes helping patients with rotator cuff injuries, a common injury for people of all ages. While it is a common injury, it can cause arm weakness, pain, and reduced mobility if left untreated.

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Aside from holistic pain management, Bay Area Physical Therapy can help patients regain their confidence. The new non-surgical approach to shoulder pain relief can help those with pain when lifting their arm.

Every patient’s pain is different, which is why the movement specialists at the physical therapy clinic provide tailored treatment plans. This custom recovery process ensures clients work at a pace that suits their unique body and situation. The new physical therapy treatment aims to restore mobility and improve function to the affected shoulder.

Rotator cuff injuries can cause ongoing pain, disrupting the sufferers’ sleep and, therefore, affecting their quality of life. The severity of the injury and symptoms will depend on the individual. Shoulder issues can have a variety of causes from accidents, overuse, poor alignment and body mechanics, stress, and more. They can be from recent incidents to a slow development over years. Over time, a degenerative condition can develop such as arthritis, bone spurs, tendon tears and other conditions.

Either way, Bay Area Physical Therapy helps clients overcome rotator cuff injuries through its targeted treatment plan. The physical therapy specialists offer several treatment options. For instance, manual therapy enables the practitioner to control the pressure they apply to the joints and muscle tissue.

Using a hands-on approach allows the therapist to assess and treat the area while being mindful of the patient’s pain levels. Physical therapy is just one service offered by Bay Area Physical Therapy. The specialist clinic also offers wellness programs to help clients build strength to try to prevent future injury. In addition, therapeutic massage treatments are available, which can help individuals suffering from sports injuries, muscle soreness, and stress. Aside from having physical benefits such as increased circulation, massage therapy can also boost an individual’s mood, essential for their mental wellbeing.

The company is also providing Shoulder Pain Workshops online, where members of the community can learn about shoulder anatomy and mechanics, common injuries, treatments, and ask questions about shoulder pain and treatment. Information can be obtained by contacting the office by phone or through the website contact form.

A company spokesperson said: “Bay Area Physical Therapy provides therapy in a professional, caring, and results-oriented way to restore, enhance, and preserve function, movement, and health. Our therapists guide each patient through their individual journey of fitness or recovery.”

“We believe each patient is unique and our therapists provide an open and respectful environment for our clients to achieve their goals,” they added.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit to ease their shoulder pain.

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