Pleasant Grove Children’s Fancy Dress Princess Dress Charity Giveaway Announced

An online childrens dress up and children's costume store has announced that it is offering free items of clothing for charity. Working with Smiles for Central America, they are helping children to enjoy themselves and forget some of their worries.

Little Adventures, an online children’s dress up store, has been working with Smiles for Central America. Smiles for Central America is an organization that provides dental and medical help to those that are not able to receive regular health care. Little Adventures provides dress ups for the organization to children in orphanages in Central America. The princess dresses have become the highlight of the charitable package and while it’s a non necessity item, it brings joy in an otherwise dim situation.

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The doctors and dentists have been providing services for free to children in need as well as those who are preparing to serve missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. When Little Adventures heard that they were traveling to these remote locations, they wanted to help by handing out thousands of dresses to orphans in these far-removed locations.

Anyone is able to donate to the charity helping bring happiness and joy to children in need in a situation that can otherwise be disheartening to them. Heather Granata, one of the co-founders of Little Adventures looks forward to personally packing the dress ups and loves knowing that they are helping so many in need. She hand selects the dresses so that she can always stay connected to the children themselves and the charity, and have a personal hand in the project.

Little Adventures offers a wide range of dresses and accessories to help children dress up and, in this case, forget about some of the problems that they may be facing. These include princess dress ups from traditional fairy tales that include characters like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. They also offer a variety of accessories like gloves, tiaras, wands, jewelry and even doll dresses to match. And they haven’t forgotten the world of knight outfits, capes and warriors that help children to dress up as their favorite characters and enter a world of imagination and adventure.

Heather Granata said: “Any time we can reach out to communities that are less fortunate we jump at the opportunity. I love putting a smile on a kids face who may not have the luxury of one of these dresses in their life. We love being part of making kids happy.”

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