PlayStation VR to Provide Exceptional Entertainment and Gaming Experiences

Discover unexpected gaming experiences in a new world with PlayStation VR. With gaming moments so intense you will be immersed where your intuition takes over. Step into virtual worlds and overcome challenges in extraordinary ways. Virtual reality awaits you with PlayStation VR.

Windsor, Ontario (November 6, 2016) – PlayStation VR, a virtual reality platform that is especially designed to deliver innovative and exciting gaming experiences and entertainment to the PlayStation 4, has been introduced to redefine the expectations of immersion in gaming. Enjoy what the virtual reality headset has to offer with gaming stepped up to the level of next generation virtual reality gaming worlds. Step into the incredible virtual reality world and also experience entertainment in extraordinarily new ways.

The roots of PlayStation VR lie in a combination of PlayStation gaming, 3D still images, equipment simulators, computer-assisted instruction, and entertainment experiences, with a setup that displays immersive environment through head-mounted displays, supplementing or replacing the view of the real world. This VR headset has been developed for the primary purpose of gaming and entertainment, turning the screen watching for the PlayStation into an reality VR experience.

Excited Gerry had this to say, “I have been waiting for virtual reality gaming on console for a long time, and it was worth the wait. This puts gaming on another level”.

Included in the PS4 VR headset are all the cabling required and headphones. There are also the Bundle, which includes the PlayStation Camera, a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds, PS VR system, and 2 PlayStation Move Motion Controllers. Both versions include a demo disc that can be downloaded via the Playroom VR from PlayStation Store for free.

PlayStation VR headset enables people to experience the future of gaming through virtual reality with a PS VR system and the PS4 camera. Take it to the next level of enhancing the experience through the use of 2 PlayStation motion controllers. This VR headset greatly benefits because it is a console accessory. It has the right publisher and developer support to make sure that it will get the better games that every gamer must be experiencing, and it is what PlayStation VR headset is all about.

One great advantage of this new VR headset for PlayStations is that it works with the more than 40 million plus existing gaming enthusiast that have the PS4 gaming console. There are many retail stores that conduct hands-on demos of this innovation around United States and Canada. This is new technology and it is just the beginning of big things to come for virtual reality using the PS4 gaming console. Visit the website for a full review:

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