Platinum Resistance Thermometers Temperature Sensors Cameras Collection Launched

Process Parameters updated its range of temperature measurement and control products to provide high-quality platinum resistance thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, thermocouples and other equipment.

Process Parameters, a UK-based company specialising in cutting-edge temperature measurement and control technology, announced an updated range of platinum resistance thermometers, thermal imaging cameras and other products for clients in a variety of industries. The new products are suitable for a vast array of applications, including the measurement of liquids and gases at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 650°C, temperature recording in extreme environments, and many others.

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Using high-quality temperature measurement and recording technology is essential for companies and research institutions in industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, pharmaceuticals, power generation and others. From research and development to condition monitoring and quality control, thermometers, thermal cameras and other equipment can ensure high standards of precision and contribute to streamlining industrial processes.

As a leading supplier of industrial-grade temperate control and recording equipment, Process Parameters strives to constantly update its range of products according to the latest industry innovations.

The new range of products includes a variety of platinum resistance thermometers (RTDs). These sensors are ideal for precise measurement from -200°C to over 600°C. The RTD probe PPL1-P temperature sensor, for instance, is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be customized with various types of wiring, detectors, sheath sizes and lead types, as well as different calibrations.

Thermal imaging cameras with proprietary thermal analysis software are also available, including specialized models for glass and metal applications.

The company also specialise in Thermocouples, more information can be found at:

The recent update is part of the company’s efforts to diversify its range of high-quality products based on cutting-edge temperature control and recording technologies.

“The engineers and staff of Process Parameters have a wealth of experience supplying temperature measurement, control and recording solutions into a wide range of industries”, said a spokesperson for the company. “We have been directly involved in product selection and specification to meet a wide variety of demands and across the full temperature range from cryogenic temperatures through to molten metals.”

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