Plastic Surgery Newport Beach Welcomes SSK with a New Technique

The Newport Beach, CA area now has a new, non-surgical, breast technique being conducted by Dr. Kelishadi. The technique offers are much less invasive procedure for those that don't want to deal with surgery and scars most commonly associated with similar procedures.

Dr. Kelishadi moved practice to The Hoag Health Center in Newport Beach Dec. 5; one of the first on West Coast to offer new non-surgical breast technique.

December 7, 2016, Orange County, CA: Orange County plastic surgeon Sean Kelishadi, of SSK Plastic Surgery, has moved his practice from Yorba Linda to Newport Beach. On December 5, he welcomed patients to his new office site at 500 Superior Avenue, Suite 340 in the 500 Building of The Hoag Health Center. Coinciding almost seamlessly, he will be one of the first plastic surgeons on the West Coast to perform a new, non-surgical breast technique.

Kelishadi, a board-certified plastic surgeon, recently won “Best Aesthetic Practice—West” and “Best Aesthetic Practice—America,” prestigious awards in the 2016 My Face & My Body Global Aesthetics Awards competition. He says that he has much to be excited about and thankful for.

“We enjoyed being a premier practice in Yorba Linda. Our hard work has paid off, and our practice has grown with wonderful patients. We’re all excited to join The Hoag, where going between our office and the Hospital, the Child Care Center, and the many other amenities on campus is quick and easy. It’s a dream come true.”

Most people know that Hollywood has made Los Angeles the plastic surgery capital of the world. Some might wonder why plastic and cosmetic procedures, especially the Brazilian Butt Lift, face lifts and breast augmentations, are so popular.

Kelishadi explains. “There’s beauty in embracing yourself as you are. However, both genders, especially women, wish or need to change something about their bodies. A Newport Beach plastic surgeon like me can help to bridge the gap between inner and outer beauty, and the result can be a boost in confidence.”

He says SSK does many different types of plastic surgeries, with breast procedures and breast augmentation as the most common. The Mommy Makeover, a combination of procedures tailored for patients, isn’t far behind. He adds that common factors drive breast surgery in Orange County. For example, breast reconstructions following cancer treatment and breast reductions are done now and then, and a botched breast augmentation that was done elsewhere sometimes sends patients to him for breast revision surgery. A new option for Orange County plastic surgery is SSK’s new offering in their expert “beauty guide to breasts.”

“I’m pleased to present a new technique for breasts to select candidates who need a breast lift but don’t want surgery, scars, and weeks off work,” Kelishadi says. “This minimally invasive technique is a mini-breast lift without scars and with a quick recovery. I expect it to help a lot of women. At SSK, compassionate philosophies and skills, and a comprehensive knowledge of overall healthcare make the critical difference in patients’ optimum recovery and satisfaction.”

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