Plastic Rotomolding Customized Bulk Production Process & Consultation Launched

R&R Technologies announced the launch of a rotational molding process that customizes products according to customer specifications. Precision rotomolding is used for the fabrication of industrial and commercial plastic parts. Customization in the molding process is accompanied by design, engineering and control services.

R&R Technologies announced the launch of a rotational custom design and molding process. This allows customers to translate specific designs from concept to prototype and from prototype to mass production under a single roof. The company possesses more than half a century of experience in rotational molding and plastic molding. This new service enables the company to manufacture customized plastic parts ranging from massive liquid storage tanks to small plastic components.

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Rotational plastic molding is a process that finds application in the bulk fabrication of hollow plastics for low-volume production runs. The process involves the transformation of plastic by passing it through alternate heating and cooling cycles through dual-axis rotations in the mold. In addition to reinforcing the product’s structural integrity, this process offers greater choice in dimensional variation.

R&R Technologies leverages the benefits of this process to offer customers the option of highly customized design. This custom molding process works in conjunction with a design and engineering section. Customers who have unique design specifications are able to work with the company’s design and engineering teams to create a production-ready model.

R&R Technologies offers mold fabrication and tooling procurement of molds made from a wide range of metals and alloys. The intricacy of customization offered by the company includes the provision of inserts and fastener-accomodative design features. An in-house quality control team ensures that every mold and part conforms to industry-level quality parameters and design specifications from the customer. Testing for compliance with industry-standard tolerances and specific applications is an in-house service.

A spokesperson for the company stated, “Our focus on rotomolding as opposed to blow molding or injection molding allows us to offer customization services and small-volume manufacturing. Our customization services ensure that we are able to deliver excellence in product quality at an optimal cost in small volumes.”

R&R Technologies is a full-services plastic rotomolding company with more than 50 years of experience. Customers turn to R&R Technologies for high quality rotational molding for low volume polyethylene molds and parts. The company specializes in the manufacture of high quality plastic parts for commercial applications.

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