Plastic Pulverization Garbage Compressor And Removal Global Technology Launched

A new technology has been launched with a focus on cleaning up the planet and combating global garbage and waste. Earth Clean Solutions is calling for donations to help get their technology where it’s needed most.

A cutting edge new earth cleanup technology has been launched, called Earth Clean Solutions, aiming to solve the global garbage problem. As part of the process, garbage is used to be a solution, while also helping impoverished women and starving children.

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The site explains that Earth Clean Solutions is a technology that collects, shreds, freezes and pulverizes garbage. Through doing this, it can reduce the volume of total garbage, including plastics, by 98%.

What’s more, this process is able to increase surface area for chemical reaction exponentially. Once the garbage has been pulverized, it becomes missed with chemicals that convert the powder into fuel and clean water.

As part of a neat, circular solution to the problem, this energy can be used to power the ships that collect the garbage. In this way, the garbage itself can help with the cleanup process.

The process begins with mass collection, with the garbage then getting shredded and reduced, frozen and pulverized. This pulverization reduces the volume of plastic by up to 98% and after the chemical reaction, fuel is produced from the carbon byproduct.

This means that Earth Clean Solutions is able to redefine the human, garbage and environmental relationship. This can be achieved through education, research and technology.

Finally, for the collection part of the process, the team will hire impoverished and oppressed women to collect the garbage. They can provide them with everything they need to run the business, giving them real hope for the future.

In order to reduce garbage on a global scale, a careful plan of attack is necessary. Earth Clean Solutions technology can be placed at the mouth of rivers, while land based tech works at the source. Meanwhile, ships and barges will collect the garbage.

Earth Clean Solutions states: “Garbage is one of the world’s biggest problems. But, it is with garbage that the solution exists. Join us to learn more and help us transform the way we deal with garbage and help to provide a solution for millions of women worldwide.”

They’re calling for donations to help kickstart the project and achieve a cleaner, healthier planet.

Interested parties can donate today by clicking the button on site.

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