Plant-Based Enzyme Soap Digests Virus Proteins and Germs on Hands and Surfaces

ZymeAway safely and effectively cleans away organic molecules like bacteria, mold, and viruses from all washable surfaces indoors and out and does so without the need for harmful toxic chemicals.

As several million concerned consumers across the United States respond to the numerous toxic hand-sanitizer “FDA recalls,” they are desperately searching for a safe and effective alternative hand and surface cleaner.

A Westlake, Ohio enzyme soap manufacturer ‘ZymeAway LLC’ produces an incredibly effective enzyme fortified soap that is completely safe and effective at cleaning all washable surfaces of bacteria, mold, and viruses. Their enzyme soap called ZymeAway which is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-harmful, and non-flammable – targets and breaks down organic protein matter found in bacteria, mold, and viruses. The Corona Virus has several types of proteins that makeup the outer protective coating that not only protects the virus but is essential in order for the virus to attach to a human cell where it begins to reproduce, weaken, and infect the respiratory system and other organs throughout the body.

ZymeAway’s “Protease Enzyme” is classified as a cystine protein – and that is the same type of cystine protein that makes up the Corona family of Viruses. When the ZymeAway soap encounters the virus’s protective protein, it rapidly begins to breakdown and deactivate the virus. Once a virus loses its protective protein coating, it is incapable of attaching to a human cell ever again. Here is a short video demonstrating exactly how soap Deactivates viruses.

The company produces an economical Home Spray Package that makes thirty-two 32oz refill bottles at less than $1.10 each. Many consumers have chosen to refill smaller (6oz – 8oz) spray bottles that they can easily carry with them while traveling or shopping. The ZymeAway enzyme soap is highly effective at cleaning your hands, washable fabric face masks, shopping carts, vehicle steering wheels and all other high contact surfaces you may suspect as being contaminated.

ZymeAway LLC is Veteran-Owned and their enzyme soap is Made In America. Its founder is Nick Martello, an environmental scientist and Vietnam-era veteran. Martello has more than 30 years in natural disaster support and environmental decontamination work. Martello has used most of the highly toxic cleaning products for flood and mold remediation work for several years and he said, “It just didn’t make sense to enter a toxic contaminated building with toxic cleaning products that ultimately had to be rinsed down drains or discharged into the environment.” He said he knew there had to be a safer way and these natural organic enzymes provided this alternative in an incredibly positive and dynamic way.

In 2005, after two years of research and testing, the answer discovered was a plant-based enzyme formula now branded as ZymeAway. It contains organic protease, amylase, and lipase enzymes along with a special detergent soap and purified water. Their unique enzyme formula breaks down proteins, carbohydrates, fats, oils, and greases making it a superior all around safe and effective cleaner for homes, offices, restaurants, schools, and clinics. The key to their formula is the high volume of protease enzymes. The three organisms that harm humans and pets the most are Bacteria, Mold and Viruses and these each have one common denominator… they are comprised of protein matter which the protease enzyme breaks down and digests as a normal natural function without the need for any toxic chemicals.

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