Plant-Based Enzyme Cleaner Gains Market Share as Safest Flood Cleaner in America

ZymeAway has successfully cleaned numerous critical flooded properties and possessions throughout the United States since Katrina in 2005. The consumers now have a safe and effective cleaner.

There are far too many asphyxiations and physical injuries attributed to toxic flood cleaning chemicals and especially bleach. For decades, the cleaning industry only had toxic chemical cleaners available for flood and mold remediation cleanup work and there had to be a safer better way to clean.

In 2005, after two-years of research and testing, the answer discovered became a plant-based enzyme cleaner now called ZymeAway. Science has long known that enzymes were not only life’s energy source, but they would biodegrade immediately and safely into the environment without any harmful effects. They are also key to stabilizing our immune system where they fight off many harmful substances within our bodies.

ZymeAway has been used for over 18-years in the United States to replace toxic household chemical cleaners. It cleans away all organic matter from all washable surfaces indoors and out. It is also used around aquatic environments to clean boats, docks and equipment without any harmful effects to fish, plant-life or our waterways.

The ZymeAway formula (originally called SporiCLEAN) was used extensively during the 2005 hurricane storms: Dennis, Emily, Katrina, Rita and Wilma with excellent results.

The success of this plant-based enzyme cleaner soon spread within the cleaning industry and became known as the safest most powerful cleaner to use in place of harmful toxic chemical cleaners.

Nick Martello, Environmental Scientist and Owner of ZymeAway LLC, said: “The safety of flood victims and cleanup workers has always been our primary concern. The company has two main objectives; (1) Consumer and Environmental Safety and (2) To provide a dramatic cost savings along with a safe and effective mold and flood water stain cleaner.”

With the ever-increasing number of hurricanes, fires and floods throughout the United States, ZymeAway LLC is proud to announce an additional cost savings of 20% off all purchases of their concentrated bottles available on their website throughout the 2020 New Year.

ZymeAway’s enzymatic cleaning action videos can be viewed on their website’s home page.

ZymeAway LLC is well known for their superior Customer Service where you will receive personal attention to all your questions or concerns. They answer all phone calls, emails and contact form submissions in the order received. NOTE: If calling, they ask that you please leave your name, phone number and a brief message so they can call you back.

The ZymeAway website has excellent directions, explaining videos, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and cleaning product information that is easily downloadable. Find out more by visiting

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