Plano TX Psychology Of Eating Course – Weight-Management Telemedicine Launched

Vitality Weight Loss Institute (972-597-1639) has launched a telemedicine education class on the psychology of eating. Led by a double board-certified physician specializing in weight loss, it can teach participants how to be more aware of the food they consume.

The newly announced class aims to educate people on why individuals prioritize immediate gratification over long-term gain and how to address that tendency when it comes to choices made regarding food and eating.

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Vitality Weight Loss Institute’s founder has treated thousands of patients in hospitals and understands that the majority of individuals lack the essential foundational knowledge necessary to maintain their health. Her class teaches students how to create a planned, doable diet while also giving them a better awareness of their own eating habits—a crucial combination for long-term healthy weight maintenance.

Over 70% of American adults aged 20 and over are classified as overweight; 40% are considered obese. These figures are some of the drivers of the weight loss and management market, whose size is expected to balloon to almost $300 billion within the next five years.

Vitality’s Psychology of Eating Class aims to serve as a counterweight to trends, gimmicks, and quick fixes that only feed the same cycle of instant gratification that lands people with weight issues in the same place.

Dr. Shah and her colleagues teach people that food can be medicine. Many medical diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol problems can be reversed by eating better and losing weight.

Vitality’s course also features behavioral experts who discuss the connection between food and the mind and teaches evidence-based techniques for overcoming related issues, including binge eating and food addiction.

About the Institute

Vitality Weight Loss Institute, led by Dr. Ruby Shah and staffed by a team of life coaches, certified nutritionists, and dieticians, is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care to overweight and obese patients.

Unlike most programs, which focus on quick fixes, trendy supplements, or overly restrictive food criteria, its program is tailored to each person’s unique needs. For long-term success, the organization offers one-on-one private seminars on nutrition, eating psychology, personalized meal plans, and sessions with the doctor.

“After trying many diets and programs that never stuck over the years, Dr. Ruby Shah gave me the tools for success and much improved overall health. Her support and guidance are always available to her patients. Dr. Shah’s program is a master class in how to take the best care of our bodies for maximum health. Everything else is just a waste of time, effort, and money.”

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