Plano Tx Plumbing Company Releases Report to Homeowners for Scam Prevention

A local Plano Tx plumbing company released a report targeting homeowners to help them avoid potential civil lawsuits from unethical, and often, unlicensed plumbing contractors.

Dan Delao, owner and founder of Plano Plumbers Elite, released a report with information to help keep homeowners from losing their hard-earned money to unethical plumbing contractors.

The full report is available for reading on Plano Plumbers Elite website’s blog here:

In the report, Dan Delao emphasizes the importance of only working with licensed and insured plumbers.

“Texas law requires professional plumbing contractors to be licensed. By working only with licensed and insured plumbing contractors homeowners protect not only their property if something is damaged, but they also protect themselves against potential civil lawsuits should any workers get injured while performing work on their property.” states Dan Delao of Plano Plumbers Elite.

According to the official state of Texas Governor’s website, Texas Governor Abbott took action with an executive order on June 19, 2019 to keep the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners active through to May 31, 2021. As such, all plumbing contractors in Texas continue to be required by law to be licensed.

Dan Delao, agreeing with the Governor’s executive order stated, “Lawfully requiring plumbers to be licensed helps our industry maintain high standards and also provides an extra layer of protection to homeowners from predatory contractors.”

Bio of Owner/Founder Dan Delao:

Dan Delao, owner and founder of Plano Plumbers Elite, began as a poor Mexican-American who never completed his high school education. He began learning the plumbing trade from his father. Plumbing soon became a passion as he continued his education and learned everything he could about the plumbing trade. After successfully acquiring his plumber’s license, Dan Delao’s vision of owning his own plumbing company came into existence. He founded Plano Plumbers Elite, a successful plumbing service company providing services to the Plano, Tx and the surrounding area for more than 20 years.

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