Plano TX Medically Supervised Weight Loss Best Health Plan For Obesity Launched

Vitality Weight Loss, a Texas-based weight loss and wellness institute, has launched a medically supervised program and a series of courses that clients can attend in-person or online. Clients can call 972-597-1639 to schedule a virtual consultation to create a personalized health plan.

Vitality’s new personalized medical weight loss program and health courses are available online, making it easy for clients to participate in a weight loss journey from the comfort of their own homes. Vitality uses encrypted telemedicine technology so any virtual consultations or courses are HIPAA-compliant.

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Vitality’s team of physician assistants, dieticians, and coaches work with clients to create a personalized weight loss plan. The team now offers telemedicine appointments and nutrition classes where clients can learn weight loss methods tailored to their biology and psychology.

An estimated 36.5 percent of American adults are obese and 32.5 percent are overweight. Obesity can contribute to serious health problems including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Vitality works with clients to create a safe, medically supervised, and personalized plan that has lasting results.

Vitality Weight Loss offers its flagship weight loss program, nutrition classes, and a course covering the psychology of eating. All courses are run by certified health professionals and are available in person or online.

The weight loss program focuses on establishing sustainable lifestyle changes to help the client achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Clients who enroll will work with a team of physical and mental health professionals and have access to 1:1 private nutrition coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, and 24/7 access to an online support group.

Vitality Weight Loss’ nutrition course was jointly written by a cardiologist and an internal medicine physician who specializes in weight management. The class focuses on finding the right foods to reverse clients’ medical problems.

The psychology of eating course is designed to help clients understand why they eat and how their mind affects their eating habits. Understanding the motivation behind eating can help clients avoid unnecessary eating and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

About the Company

Dr. Ruby Jain Shah, MD founded Vitality after realizing that many of her patients did not have a strong foundation of knowledge to care for their health. She created Vitality to teach clients that although medication can help obesity-related diseases, the most effective cure is sustaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

A satisfied client said, “Dr. Shah helped me with an eating plan that not only enabled me to lose stubborn weight that I thought would never come off but also adopt a healthy lifestyle that I will maintain. She is always thorough in her evaluation of my health and wellbeing and listens as I ask questions. Her professionalism, care, and support are outstanding and encourage confidence to promote positive change.”

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