Plano TX Medical Weight Loss Center – Personalized Nutrition Classes Expanded

Vitality Weight Loss Institute (972-597-1639) has expanded its health center to provide personalized nutrition classes that aid weight loss and help people take control of their lifestyles to achieve optimal health.

Vitality Weight Loss Institute , a professional health center, provides one-on-one telemedicine and in-person coaching along with access to an online 24-hour support group. They offer a medically supervised weight loss program that combines therapy with positive reinforcement to help clients set sustainable goals and achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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With this expansion, Vitality Weight Loss Institute will provide non-surgical and long-term solutions to people interested in weight loss. The program comprises nutrition advice, psychological of eating education, and personalized health and fitness coaching.

According to the CDC, losing about 5 to 10 percent of body weight can significantly improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels. The primary benefit of a leaner body is the lowered risk of chronic obesity-related diseases.

Vitality Weight Loss Institute’s program delivers a combination of approaches to help clients lose weight and sustain their weight loss through a positive lifestyle. Clients who sign up for the program begin with a comprehensive evaluation process that seeks to assess the medical or psychological factors involved in a patient’s weight gain. This ensures that the treatment approach eventually selected would directly address the contributing factors discovered.

The program comprises a nutrition course developed with input from medical weight management specialists and cardiologists, behavioral therapy classes that address psychological habits, and personalized meal plans tailored to the client. The program focuses on obesity treatment, which is covered by many insurance carriers.

Vitality Weight Loss Institute’s comprehensive courses on nutrition and understanding the psychology of eating are available through either telemedicine appointments or one-on-one classes to allow a measure of flexibility for clients. Clients also have access to a 24/7 support group online and receive motivational text messages that help sustain their commitment to the program.

About the Center

Vitality Weight Loss Institute is a nutrition and weight management center based in Plano, Texas. The center’s CEO and founder, Dr. Ruby Jain Shah, is a nutrition expert and obesity specialist. Dr. Shah certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

A satisfied client said, “Dr. Shah helped me with an eating plan that enabled me to lose stubborn weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle that I still maintain today. She is always thorough in her evaluation of my health and wellbeing and listens as I ask questions. Her professionalism, care, and support are outstanding and encourage confidence to promote positive change.”

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