Plano TX Home Roof Repair Warranty – Sellers/Realtors Coverage Program Updated

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As extreme weather events continue to affect US southern states, a Prosper, TX-based roof insurance firm is giving homeowners peace of mind with affordable high-quality repair and maintenance coverage. (833-246-6376)

Home Roof Warranty has announced a partnership with digital marketing strategists Quipit Media as part of an initiative for its silver, gold, and platinum policies. The company offers a solution for sellers, buyers, and realtors whose properties are not covered under a ‘New Home’ warranty.

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With the new announcement, the highly-respected firm facilitates high-quality restoration services from experienced roofing engineers. Policyholders are charged a minimal flat fee of $60.00 per job, making it an economical alternative to costly roof repairs that are not covered by a warranty.

The cost of home repair services has risen dramatically within the last year. The public health crisis has affected every sector of industry, not least the building trade, as global shortages of materials have meant increased expense for clients.

Home Roof Warranty policies provide clients wishing to sell their homes with a certificate of coverage, ensuring they can offer potential buyers security against unforeseen problems upon closing a sale. The firm’s policies offer a unique selling point for homes on the market.

A roof warranty provides real estate agents with a valuable marketing tool. The firm helps realtor clients protect their reputation by reducing liabilities after the point of sale.

Finding reliable tradespeople is always a challenge but Home Roof Warranty ensures that only highly skilled and fully vetted professionals are sent to clients’ properties.

Prices of the coverage offered by HRW are based on square footage. A useful guide on the company website enables clients to estimate costs at a glance. The Silver Plan offers a year’s coverage. Gold provides 2 year’s worth, while the Platinum option gives 3 years of maintenance support.

About Home Roof Warranty

From their headquarters in Prosper, TX, the dedicated team offers expertise in all aspects of roof repair and insurance. The firm’s close links with repair technicians and insurance providers give homeowners, sellers, and buyers alike reassurance against the unexpected.

A spokesperson says, “HRW plans allow you to budget for other items in your home. There are no unexpected, out-of-pocket expenses for roof repairs. All you pay is a one-time, low, trade call fee.”

Home Roof Warranty continues to help clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, buy, sell and maintain their properties over the long term.

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