Plano Health Insurance Could Face Major Change If Court Favors Of Latest Law

A health insurance agent in Plano, Texas, warns that if a coalition of blue state lawmakers get their way, the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate that was repealed in 2017 for being unconstitutional could be salvaged, causing uncertainty for patients, providers, and insurers nationwide.

Health Insurance Plano, Texas, faces renewed uncertainty now that several blue state lawmakers who are in favor of salvaging the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate have taken their fight to the state’s highest court. The goal is to reinstate the bill’s individual mandate, which took effect in 2014 and required that citizens and legal residents of the United States have some form of health insurance. Those who did not have health insurance would pay a penalty, which drew the ire of lawmakers on the other side of the table — ultimately leading to the mandate being ruled unconstitutional.

The latest petitions, which were requested to be fast-tracked in hopes of resolving the issue by the end of the high court’s term in June, insist that even though ACA survived the repeal, its validity has been called into question ever since. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Plano, says whatever decision the high court makes will have consequences for Plano health insurance as well as patients, providers, and insurers nationwide.

If everything goes through the legal process quickly, a decision could be made by June. The question remains if justices want and have time on their docket to take on another politically-charged dispute. We live in an extremely polarizing world right now, and their log is already jammed with several disputes on everything from gay rights in the workplace to various subpoenas and other sensitive items that call for careful decision-making. On top of that, recent statistics from government officials point to ACA’s stability throughout 2019 and the start of the New Year. This includes everything from falling costs for premiums to insurers announcing profitable numbers. With those numbers in hand, Thornton wonders if the high court would dare make a change in fear of destroying the Affordable Care Act’s current momentum.

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