Plano Fire Screens Fireplace Doors Decor Metal Accessories Collection Launched

Plano, Texas interior design shop Home Market Interiors launched an updated range of fireplace doors, screens and other products, offering expert advice to help clients choose the best models for their needs and preferences.

Home Market Interiors, an interior design store based in Plano, Texas, launched an updated collection of fire screens, fireplace doors and other accessories. Clients benefit from comprehensive consultations with expert interior designers, having the possibility to choose from various types of materials, colors and finishes for the personalized products that can be integrated flawlessly into their interior spaces.

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Many American homeowners prefer to have an open fireplace; however, using a fireplace screen offers a series of important benefits in terms of energy efficiency, safety and style. While an open fireplace only converts about 10% of the firewood heat into actual energy, using a screen can double the amount of energy distributed into the room. A fireplace screen will also stop stray sparks and ambers, thus eliminating the risk of flooring and carpeting damage.

Home Market Interiors announced an updated range of fire screens, doors and accessories, in an effort to provide homeowners throughout Plano with a varied collection of high-quality products.

The store works closely with each client to help them choose the best models for their needs, budgets and preferences. Options include choosing a standard model or collaborating with an expert to create a custom fireplace screen.

Available finishes include updated silver, bronze and gold, each of them available in both modern and traditional designs.

With the recent update the Plano interior design store continues to diversify its range of products and services for clients in Plano and the surrounding areas. Home Market Interiors has more than 15 years of experience offering high-quality interior pieces, having established a strong reputation for professionalism and service quality.

A satisfied client said: “I absolutely love this shop! They have a great mix of high-end new pieces as well as antiques. I always find just the perfect piece when I shop there. Best of all, they have unbelievable service. They have helped me find the perfect piece many times — and if they don’t have it, they will find it. The owner has even personally delivered pieces to my home and given me great design ideas.”

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