Plano Agency Released Proven Tips To Increase Revenue For Frisco Businesses

We were inspired by this veteran marketer who knows how to increase revenue for businesses.

Dallas SEO Agency of Plano, Texas has consulted with small and medium sized businesses for over 14 years. Founder, Ken Albrecht, commented he hosted a speech for local businesses many years ago titled “How to Take your Local Business to Over $1 Million Per Year.” He stated those local marketing principles are still valid in today’s market place.

Mr. Albrecht cited those exact principles during our meeting. Principle #1: Invest. Ken remarked invest in education. Equally important is creating plan of action to immediately implement what you learned. Spend money getting to know the right people. This is something that is not discussed that much, Mr. Albrecht confessed.

Principle # 2: Market. You must always be marketing your company. Track your marketing dollars so you know exactly what your return on investment is. Ken has been astonished at the number of businesses that cannot pinpoint this fact alone.

Principle # 3: Keep Great People. Mr. Albrecht cited example after example of business owners who just refused to bring themselves to the point of letting inefficient workers go. Bad and even mediocre employees are like a lead weight slowly bringing a company’s revenue down.

On the other hand, Ken recommends rewarding your top-level employees. Acknowledge them in meetings. Give them a bonus. Take them to lunch. Give them tickets to a sports event. It is not enough just to give them a paycheck. The rewards of implementing these types of rewards will yield enormous benefits.

Principle # 4: Keep Adding. Always be asking yourself “What if ….” Mr. Albrecht added this was a principle his Dad instilled in him. Always be thinking of ways to improve even when things are going well. He cited the often-cautionary caveat to not become complacent.

Ken concluded with Principle #5: It will never be perfect. No matter what you do, it will be work and things will go wrong. Employees do stupid things. As a business owner, you will make big mistakes. Attempt perfection, but don’t expect it. Attempt perfection, but don’t be disappointed that it doesn’t happen every time. Dallas SEO Agency consults with local businesses in Frisco, Texas.

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