Planet One Decentralised Exchange Goes Live Alongside Exciting New POI Token

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Planet One Decentralized Exchange goes live with the release of an exciting DEX service supporting TRC Tokens on Tron Blockchain. The DEX is all set to release its own token called POI very soon.

Planet One Decentralized Exchange (DEX) goes live with the release of an exciting unique Decentralised Exchange service supporting TRC Tokens on the Tron Blockchain. The launch of the DEX will coincide with the launch of an exciting token on the exchange’s platform within the next few weeks called POI. For investors, this is an opportunity that is not to be missed.

Many experts within the DeFi market are excited about the launch of the Planet One DEX and the new token POI because the token will be made available on its own exchange upon its release. Tron is known to be one of the fastest growing blockchain networks available today with low gas fees and fast transactional speeds. This will make the utility of the POI token very promising because it will be available as a trading pair on the exchange itself and therefore will promise a higher adoption rate of the token in a short period of time.

The DEX can be accessed here:

The POI Token has a great cause behind it and is surely going to take a big leap forward and be around for a long time. The POI token has set a market supply of 1 quadrillion (1000000000000000). The token will be releasing its whitepaper soon as part of the ICO. The plan for the company is to work extensively to uplift people’s lives through education and by providing access to finances to the hands of the unbanked people worldwide.

More information can be found via the company’s website:

The Planet One DEX enables users to experience direct wallet-to-wallet trading without any third party or central authority. In order to make a transaction, no personal details are required. All you have to do is connect your personal wallet to the exchange.

A spokesperson from Planet One said the following earlier today “The company decided to create a decentralized exchange as it keeps users in control of their funds as they are stored in their own wallets and ensures a fresh new possibility of trading. No funds are ever stored by the company giving end-users total control of their assets. The simple and clear design of the platform ensures a great user experience when interacting with the exchange and makes it extremely appealing to beginners and expert traders alike.”

Some of the key benefits of the Planet One DEX are as follows:

• Simple and clear design making the buying and selling process a smooth experience

• Available in 19 different languages.

• One of the first exchanges available on the Tron network

• The ability to swap more tokens on the Tron network than any other platforms

• Dynamic website meaning local currencies are displayed. No more having to convert from USD

• No holds of funds by the exchange as all transactions appear from wallet to wallet

• Large number of TRC tokens listed

• The ability to liquidate funds into the Planet One Visa card

• Full visibility of activity and volume within the website itself with statistical and graphical analysis.

• Clear educational videos which explain how to place a trade so everyone can take the maximum advantage of the DEX.

• Affiliate program where users get paid commissions on referrals for each trade placed up to 4 levels

The founders of the Planet One Exchange have always wanted to empower the people less unfortunate than us and had worked extensively over the years to uplift lives through education. With the launch of the DEX, the company is looking forward to working in the social-economic corridor by providing access to digital assets to the hands of the unbanked people worldwide.

The founders have extensive knowledge and years of experience in addressing the core education corridor on subjects of clean education in line with the guidelines of the UN and the WHO. In particular, this includes topics such as safety, security, health, hygiene, segregation of waste management, conservation, environment, and systematic cooperation by respecting one another. By enriching these fundamental qualities within people, it is a steppingstone to the basics of living in a balanced natural world.

The combination of the Planet One DEX, the POI token and the Planet One Visa card will make this ecosystem and its utilities an opportunity not to be missed. Keep an eye out for the POI Token launching very soon.

More information can be found via the company’s website:

Release ID: 89039978