Pittsfield MA Medical Staffing – Job Placement For Health Care Workers Launched

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Massachusetts-based gap staffing firm, Medtigo, has announced the launch of its updated Job Placement Services for healthcare providers on the Medtigo Connect platform.

Medtigo, a company dedicated to connecting qualified clinicians and medical institutions, has announced the launch of its updated Job Placement Services on the Medtigo Connect platform. Since founder Dr. Rick Kulkarni created the company in 2014, the Massachusetts-based gap staffing firm has been a leader in the medical community.

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With their updated Job Placement Services, the company aims to change the traditional perception of permanent and temporary healthcare staffing and connect healthcare providers with reputable institutions.

The stress inflicted on the American healthcare system due to the recent pandemic has magnified the need for effective labor management, as healthcare resources and personnel are scarce in many parts of the nation. This scarcity of qualified clinicians is projected to continue in coming years, and experts expect a shortage of 54,000 to 139,000 healthcare providers by 2033. Thus, innovative staffing solutions for the medical field are necessary.

The company offers Job Placement Services for healthcare providers specializing in emergency medicine, critical care, radiology, tele-health, psychiatry, and other specialties.

The updated services work by connecting institutions with healthcare providers to help them fill the roles, providing a mutually beneficial service. The opportunities provided by Medtigo offer above average compensation, and the positions are vetted by the company’s team. Further, healthcare providers on Medtigo Connect receive the Job Placement Services at no cost.

Currently, the providers on Medtigo’s team work in 35 different hospitals, and their team of 163 doctors and APPs has worked over 120,000 hours for the company’s institutional partners.

The launch of the updated Job Placement Services reflects Medtigo’s commitment to helping clinicians find fulfilling work and helping medical institutions find the staff that they need.

Clients report having positive experiences with the Job Placement Services, as a satisfied client said: “It is my true pleasure to testify to the quality of the service I have experienced with Medtigo over the past 8 months as a Pulmonary/Critical Care physician. Everyone has been nothing but kind, accommodating, capable, prompt, approachable, respectful, professional, and a treat to talk to.”

Interested parties can find additional information at https://connect.medtigo.com/login

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