Pittsburgh PA Commercial Refrigerator Gaskets Heat Mold Resistant Line Launched

Commercial kitchens in Pittsburgh, PA can benefit from a newly launched range of refrigerator gaskets and head gaskets that are heat, grease, and mold resistant from Gasket Rocks.

A new line of commercial refrigerator gaskets has been launched by Gaskets Rock. The Pittsburgh, PA-based company prides itself on offering customers long-lasting, safe gaskets for commercial settings. Its new line is resistant to heat, grease, and mold.

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The newly launched line offers commercial kitchens and chefs’ reliability when they need it most. Gaskets Rock provides solutions for the problems all commercial kitchens experience at one time or another. The expert team understand many people fail to consider their gaskets unless there is a problem.

Gaskets Rock can help if for instance, the cooler compressor is running non-stop, a commercial fridge requires never-ending maintenance, the fridge cannot maintain a proper temperature, or food is spoiling prematurely.

Aside from being frustrating, all these issues can be dangerous for customers and could cause serious problems if a food or health inspector arrives unannounced. Gaskets Rock invests time into thinking about, developing, and designing problem-solving products so customers do not have to worry about their gaskets.

Its professional team provides customers with form-fitting gaskets for commercial kitchen equipment that can reduce energy waste and therefore costs. In addition, its products can prevent expensive compressor maintenance, and stop food from spoiling.

The company provides several solutions for refrigeration manufacturers and gaskets, but the team encourages people to get in touch directly if their manufacturer is not listed on the website as they can likely help.

A customer wrote: “I was recommended this company from a friend and fellow restaurant owner in Pittsburgh, PA. With one phone call they had their local division come to my restaurant, The Crafty Rooster Bar and Restaurant in downtown Conway, SC. I did not have to find any make or model numbers – they did it all.”

“The representative was truly knowledgeable and professional. Great product! I highly recommend Gaskets Rock. I am too busy to worry and figure out gaskets, and these guys know it all and saved me the time and frustration,” they added.

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