Pittsburgh Independent Hip Hop Record Label Promo And Marketing Services Launch

A new range of promotional services has been launched by Rich Chickz Music Group. The Pittsburgh-based record label provides independent marketing services to help grow clients’ brands.

Rich Chickz Music Group has launched a new range of promotional services for musicians signing up to the label. These include showcases, consulting, events, advertising, marketing, brand awareness and talent management.

After the successful now trending sloganeer event BackYard Boogie Kim Ward aka Miss Money threw in 2019 , Rich Chickz Music Group plans to expand their events in more backyards developing property estates large enough to construct a stage for live musical performances in residential areas.We will not only create the events and market but show the artist how to build wealth through investing in real estate.

More information can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/rcmgllc

Rich Chickz Music Group are a Pittsburgh-based record label helping artists to emerge and grow through media and branding solutions. They provide bespoke solutions tailored to helping musicians improve their brand awareness.

The record label is run by Miss Money, the popular independent hip hop artist and self-invested marketer. Her latest single, “Pull Up”, features Boosie Badazz and was produced by Treeburke.

She is known for her creative approach to marketing and this filters down through the company to other musicians being signed. Artists are able to benefit from a wide range of cutting-edge marketing services to connect with a wider audience and drive interest in their profile and music.

Rich Chickz Music Group does events from state to state for artists, general parties and social meetups. They also provide full-service publishing services, with a client-centered approach that ensures artists own all of their rights.

Studio time can be arranged for musicians to hone their craft, and the team books slots in advance to streamline the process. As part of this commitment to seamless service, they also take full control of the copyrighting process.

This is important, because it means that the artists don’t have to get bogged down in the details of admin work. Instead they can focus on songwriting, recording, and producing their best material.

Once their work is ready to be released, Rich Chickz Music Group also offers professional graphic design. This is beneficial for posters, digital art for websites, album covers and more.

Graphic design is especially important for artists because it provides them with an eye-catching way to reach their audience. Rich Chickz Music Group manages all these campaigns with a focus on creating the best platform for talent. Artists can sign up knowing that they will be taken care of, leaving them to focus on their craft.

Alongside of graphic design Rich Chickz Music Group has a team of enthused street team marketers who distribute and campaign your posters, stickers, flyers are any marketing material.

Rich Chickz Music Group also offers radio campaigns and interviews.

Be sure to consult with Rich Chickz Music Group on income earning outside of the music scene as they also offer financial advise and resources.

“Experience is the best teacher”.

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