Pinterest Marketing App To Drive Traffic And Grow Customers Report Launched

Affiliate Tips, an online marketing agency, has released a guide about the app Tailwind, which is designed to help small businesses and marketers improve their marketing strategy for Pinterest.

Affiliate Tips, an online marketing agency, has released a report about a new app called Tailwind. The guide is intended to help businesses create opportunities such as boosting online presence and monitoring online engagement through Pinterest. Tailwind can be used as both a mobile app and a browser-based program.

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The newly released report discusses online marketing for social media platform Pinterest, in a space where companies such as Facebook dominate. The key features of the app detailed in the guide include helping businesses grow Pinterest followings, scheduling pins efficiently, connecting to other members, and creating professional pins.

To get the app, interested parties need to click the link on the above-mentioned website and they will be able to access a free trial. A unique feature of the app is called Tribes, which are user groups that pin content on similar topics. These are useful for building communities and new content.

Since Tailwind is directly targeted towards Pinterest, analytics and resources are detailed and in-depth. The guide discusses tutorial videos that can help companies learn how to use the app efficiently. Tailwind is useful for those who use Pinterest as their primary social media platform, including freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, or people with small businesses.

Tailwind also provides some features for Instagram, and they are expanding further. Currently, the Instagram features include analytics, publishing platforms, hashtag monitoring, and management settings. The app currently remains focused on Pinterest as its main platform.

Affiliate Tips provides marketers and business owners with resources, advice, and tools to improve their strategies. The digital marketing agency helps beginners who are starting companies and experienced entrepreneurs who wish to expand their knowledge. The website provides articles and reports that focus on different niches.

A website representative said, “The app is robust and powerful, packed with streamlined features that will help drive you to get more leads, encourage audience engagement, and all in all make the most out of your Pinterest account”.

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