Pink Flamingo Float To Have New Customer Incentives Sponsored By Teddy Shake

In a statement issued today, Teddy Shake said they have new ideas and customer incentives in development to continue to increase customer interest in their best-selling pink flamingo float.

Teddy Shake has so much to celebrate. Since the launch of their eighty-inch pink flamingo float in September, it has become an best seller and customer favorite. All sales projections have been shattered, and demand for the float continues to increase. Today a company spokesperson announced that the second quarter goals for this year do not include standard sales forecasts, but instead include a detailed plan to provide incentives for customers.

“We know that we have a quality product, and have spent a significant amount of time in research and development of our pink flamingo float,” said Teddy Shake spokesperson Bailey Anderson. “We have a great combination of quality materials, an attractive product, and customers have loved our flamingo float so far. Now we want to provide incentives to our customers and a discounted price that will make the float the best price in the market.”

Over 90 customers have left reviews for the pink flamingo float on, the exclusive selling channel for the flamingo float. In 99% of these reviews, customers state that they liked their flamingo float, with an average review rating is a 4.9 out of 5 stars. One five-star reviewer wrote, “Originally I got this as a joke. My parents have always thought the pink flamingo in the yard was tacky, so they moved to the lake, and what do they find tied off at the dock in the morning? This gem. It is great! Now they have to keep it because the grandkids have a ball playing on this huge raft. It is eye catching, but a great addition to any lake house or pool. Should have gotten more!”

The Teddy Shake pink flamingo float is currently priced at $39.99. Free shipping is available on any Amazon order over $49.

About Teddy Shake: “As relaxing as a Bahama breeze; Teddy Shake makes the world’s most relaxing, fun, and quirky pool floats for you and your family. With constant R&D and innovative thinkers working to make the most incredible pool floats and toys possible, we want nothing more than for you to have the time of your life.”

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