Pilot Spin Training Upset Recovery Advanced Flying Skills Program Announced

Pilot Makers, a professional flight school based in Heber City, Utah, announced a wide range of training programs for aspiring pilots, including spin training, upset recovery, tailwheel endorsements and aerobatics. The school will open a new location near Provo in July.

Pilot Makers Advanced Flight Academy, a flight school based in Heber City, Utah, launched a revolutionary training program for pilots looking for comprehensive training that includes Upset Recovery, Spin, and Aerobatics training in every syllabus from Private to Commercial. The school additionally provides a thorough tailwheel endorsement program, advance spin and upset recovery training, advanced aerobatic, and warbird training, all focused to provide pilots with the necessary skills and eliminate over-reliance on technology.

More information can be found at http://pilotmakers.com.

Pilot Makers was founded by Barry Hancock, a professional pilot with more than 15 years of experience and over 3500 hours of flying, including an extensive background in formation, warbird, and airshow flying. The flight school was created to provide exposure to the best training techniques to combat the dramatic rise of Loss Of Control Inflight (LOC-I) accidents due to an increasing reliance on technology and elimination of adequate recovery skill requirements. Pilot Makers goal is to minimize technology dependence and increase overall flying safety. By introducing our students to all attitudes, including inverted flight, and training them to safely recover from any attitude, they not only become more skilled competent aviators, but they see how fun flying can be from the very beginning,” Barry Hancock said in a recent interview

To connect with more pilots throughout the west coast, Pilot Makers will also open a new location near Provo this summer. “We are excited to expand our reach into Utah County and provide rental and training opportunities to more pilots and students seeking a high quality training experience,” said Hancock. “Partnering with Tac Air to use their top notch facilities and great customer service is consistent with the exceptional experience we try to provide our customers.”

As a leader in schools in the US, the flight school has announced an updated range of training courses for pilots that is unprecedented in the state. The school offers comprehensive upset recovery training, teaching pilots how to remedy flight attitude problems, how to manage turbulence, and how to handle the aircraft during extreme situations.

The Utah flight school also offers professional spin training. This is one of the more complex aspects of flying, and Pilot Makers aims to help pilots master spins, providing extensive training in both introductory and advanced spins to give pilots more confidence and allow instructors to turn student mistakes into learning opportunities instead of potentially fatal situations.

Finally, Pilot Makers also provides aerobatics training and tailwheel endorsements, helping pilots acquire the necessary skills to engage in a wide range of aerobatic events, both recreational and competitive.

Pilot Makers offers a wide range of training programs, including a comprehensive “Zero to Commercial” course designed to help aspiring pilots acquire all the skills to become a professional commercial pilot. The school boasts one of the most varied and impressive fleets of aircraft in the country with Cessna 172s, a Super Decathlon, Pitts S2C, and a North American T-6 WWII trainer, which they also provide checkouts in.

All Pilot Makers courses aim to help pilots rely more on their skills rather than on technology, thus preparing them for any unexpected situations.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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