PillowCubes.com Now Sells Top-Quality Designer Pillow Inserts in Any Quantity

Building on original case-based sales approach to provide more choice, company's new individual insert offers preserve industry-leading pricing, shipping speed, and service, PillowCubes.com reports

PillowCubes.com, one of the country's top sources for American-made designer pillow inserts, announced that the company now offers its products for sale individually. Maintaining the same unbeatable pricing, quality, and service that have made the company's case-quantity PillowCubes so popular, the new option will provide improved flexibility for small businesses and those seeking a number of different insert sizes in an order. Response to the new system on the PillowCubes.com mailing list has been highly positive and enthusiastic, with customers even writing appreciative, unsolicited blog posts about the development.

"August 3 was a big day for us here at PillowCubes.com and for our customers," company co-founder Shawn Wilmoth said, "That's when we flipped the switch on our new ordering option, allowing shoppers, for the first time, to mix and match individual inserts however they might wish. Everything that so many people love about PillowCubes.com remains the same, so this is a great new development for everyone. We thank our clients for their business and loyalty, and look forward to sending out many more top-quality pillow inserts in the future."

Professional interior designers, hobbyists, and others often have a need to secure pillow inserts for use in custom projects. Even if the inserts themselves are, in some respects, fairly simple, acquiring them isn't always so, since pillows are inherently bulky, a fact that can drive up their pricing and limit the ability of local retailers to carry a wide, satisfying selection.

PillowCubes.com was founded in January of this year to bring relief to those confronted with this problem. Partnering with a Tennessee-based manufacturer of top-quality pillow inserts, the new company made use of vacuum-packing technology to deliver compact, cube-shaped cases of inserts at previously unthinkable prices. Once released from their shipping bags, PillowCubes.com inserts fluff right up to size, whether filled with real down, down alternative, or polyester.

Response was immediate and highly positive, with word quickly spreading about this exciting new option. Even while keeping up with the resulting demand, the PillowCubes.com founders sought ways to better serve the company's greatly appreciated clients.

After much work and planning, that resolve led to the recent August 3 introduction of the new PillowCubes.com ordering system. While still enjoying everything about PillowCubes.com that has made it such a success so quickly, customers can now order inserts in whatever quantities and assortments they might wish. That could mean ordering anything from a full case of 28x28 down forms to a single 18x18 pillow insert, all with the same unbeatable pricing, service, and quality that have made PillowCubes.com one of the top sources for pillow inserts anywhere.

With the new ordering system now in place and active, PillowCubes.com shoppers can take advantage immediately. Visitors to the site can also learn more about the company's many top-quality products, sign up for a free coupon good on any order, and receive free shipping on orders of $250 or more.

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With lightning-fast shipping, unbeatable, American-made quality, and wholesale prices on every order, PillowCubes.com is a top source for designer pillow inserts of all kinds and sizes in any quantity.

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