Pillir Spoke About SAP Fiori and When Businesses Should Make Use of It

Low-code/No-code software provider Pillir speaks up about SAP Fiori, what it is and when businesses should make the most use of it

Pillir, one of the industry’s leading platforms for low-code/no-code SAP development, has today spoken up about SAP Fiori and how and when businesses should use it. Pillir began by bringing up SAP’s response to user requests for more functionality other than core SAP ERP and SAP Business Suite, and mentioned how SAP responded by choosing to renew the most frequently used application from the SAP GUI. This is where they created SAP Fiori apps.

Pillir mentioned that the SAP Fiori application library contains more than 300 pre-built, role-based, device-agnostic apps that are capable of supporting processes in a variety of areas, from accounting and engineering to sales and customer service. Additionally, Fiori’s transactional apps, fact sheets, and its available analytical apps are based on SAP user data, which informs its design and delivers only relevant information to users.

It’s worth mentioning that SAP Fiori apps aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and some users find that they aren’t exactly what they need. An example of this is that a business may require (or benefit from) a different user interface that displays less data, so that they can focus on the information that is more important to them. This is all dependent on their current environment and what is best to fit into it. SAP stated that certain Fiori elements can actually be customized to allow for additional fields, hiding fields, or changing fields by making use of the SAP Web IDE.

The apps can be customized even further; however, this can be quite complex, as users not only have to build custom code within Fiori, but also account for OData versions being used to connect.

To find out more about what SAP Fiori has to offer businesses and developers, or to see what Pillir had to say about the technology, see their website at the following URL: https://www.pillir.io

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