Pillir Publishes SAP ABAP Remediation Vs Modernization Post on its Blog

Pillir Publishes a post which documents the differences between SAP ABAP Remediation Vs Modernization Post on its Blog

Recently, Pillir published a new blog post about ABAP code remediation versus ABAP modernization. The post mentions that SAP users are beginning to modernize their businesses by migrating to the latest and greatest solution available from SAP, S/4HANA.

One of the primary topics that comes to the forefront is “ABAP code remediation.” There’s no doubt that users need to migrate mission-critical custom applications to new environments, but most users complain that remediating ABAP customizations to work the same way in S/4HANA the same way as it did in SAP ECC isn’t the best use of their time and resources. There are other options available, though.

The post also mentions that ABAP code remediation simply means making an application that was functional on an older system work on a newer one. Input and outputs are the same and the end-user sees no difference in terms of what the application does and how it supports workflows. When it comes to remediation, development teams have to look at the current ABAP code running on a legacy system (SAP ECC) and change table statements in order to make it work in S/4HANA, or any other environment.

While ABAP remediation may meet a business’ immediate needs, it doesn’t necessarily improve the business and can be seen as wasteful while just maintaining the status quo. Many developers have to spend a great deal of time and resources to remediate. In a similar way, APAB modernization allows a business to take what is necessary to the new SAP environment and leave behind what doesn’t make sense, all of which leads to labour and cost savings.

The post covers the other alternatives to remediation, such as rehosting, rebuilding, refactoring, reimagining and replatforming. Readers can find out more about this information on their page, found on their website.

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