Pillir Opens Up About Key Aspects of SAP Warehouse Management

Pillir Opens Up About Key Aspects of SAP Warehouse Management, Read On to Find Out More

Recently, SAP application development specialists Pillir posted an article about the six key considerations for SAP warehouse management systems (SAP WM), and today we’re going to discuss some of the information it provided in its article.

For readers who aren’t already familiar with this system, SAP WM implementation extends the functionality of a business’ SAP core while allowing it to automate the movement of goods and improve the stock management process. An SAP WM also provides tools for activity scheduling to allow for improved operational efficiency.

SAP warehouse management also integrates SAP inventory management to more accurately maintain material quantity and the value of stock. However, SAP WM can go even further than that by allowing organizations to map out their entire warehouse operations, even down to storage bin level. Companies benefit from a much clearer picture of stock quantities available in specific locations and gain a much deeper insight into warehouse optimization.

In the past, competitive warehouses used to operate completely differently. Disruptions to the supply chain, owing in part to COVID-19, put an extraordinary amount of strain and pressure on warehouses and distribution centers, forcing them to rapidly adapt in order to survive these unprecedented times. On top of that, labour shortages also impacted many users. The huge demand for automation increased during this time, and SAP warehouse management played a huge role in this.

Even though SAP already provides a fully featured solution for warehouse management, there are many users that find improved efficiency through the use of customizations to optimize processes that are unique to their businesses. These customizations can help a user reach the final step in optimal SAP warehouse management process flow and.

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