Pillir open up about ABAP code remediation and how it could be counterproductive

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Pillir open up about ABAP code remediation and how it could be counterproductive to businesses as well as how businesses opting for Pillir can avoid this problem

Low-code/No-code SAP application development platform creators, Pillir, discuss ABAP code remediation vs ABAP modernization in their latest post on their education centre. The post begins by defining what ABAP code remediation is, in that it simply means developing an application that is functional on both old systems and new. In the majority of instances, the input and outputs are the exact same and users cannot see a difference in the application and how it affects workflows.

When it comes to application remediation, development teams will look through ABAP code that is currently running on legacy ERP systems and change table statements with the goal of making it work in SAP S/4HANA, or even in other environments depending on requirements. While ABAP code remediation may meet a businesses immediate needs through continued access to the custom created apps they need, it doesn’t improve the business as a whole and can be seen as wasteful as developers need to spend the time and resources to remediate but at the end of the process, users can experience the app the same as before.

Essentially, remediating is a lot like moving to a new home, keeping existing appliances and furniture from an old home. However, if the cost of moving, the time taken and effort used are more than the actual cost of new appliances and furniture in the first place, it would be counterproductive to move everything to the new home. In this case, it would be a case of moving some selective things that are dear but definitely not moving absolutely everything. In a similar sense, ABAP modernization allows businesses to take what is necessary to a new SAP environment, leaving behind what doesn’t make sense.

Pillar’s platform however, equips businesses with the tools they need to meet the challenges that come from ABAP code remediation within SAP. Parties interested in modernizing and enhancing their code while transitioning to a new IT environment should contact Pillir over at their website which can be found here: https://www.pillir.io/edgeucation-center/

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