Pillir Discusses Its SAP Rapid Application Development Platform on Social Media

Pillir Discusses Its SAP Rapid Application Development Platform on Social Media, Read On to Find out More

Recent blog posts published by Pillir describe 13 criteria for evaluating SAP rapid application development (RAD) platforms, which are intended to help businesses determine what solution is most appropriate. By using SAP rapid application development, a business can create the applications it needs in the shortest time possible.

Typically, SAP implementation is a process that streamlines and automates processes and workflows with a simple operation. App development and customization are prerequisites to support unique functionality. In SAP rapid application development, functional modules are used to speed up the development process.

According to Pillir, mobile-native integration is among the biggest considerations for businesses. In addition to simply deploying on one device, businesses should also select a platform that allows them to develop mobile-ready applications that make use of the device’s full capabilities.

There are several SAP RAD platforms available today that provide end-users with this functionality; however, as a business weighs up its options, the end-user experience should be taken into consideration. Businesses should request a demonstration of how these mobile integrations can be achieved quickly and easily by their teams.

SAP RAD platforms can be selected to meet a company’s requirements for a variety of reasons. Pillir provides organizations with new functionality to enhance their mission-critical workflows. As well as this, the company reduces any discomfort associated with having to develop any sort of property. Additionally, Pillir increases efficiency and productivity by deploying faster apps.

Dan Ljungberg, who joined Pillir as a director of Solutions Engineering following years of working in the low-code industry, wrote and published this blog post. Through his expertise in guiding customers through low- and no-code digital transformation, he has developed a deep understanding of how to achieve success.

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