Pillir Compares Its Low-Code Platform to Two Other SAP Platforms

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Pillir recently published their comparison which covers their own Low-Code Platform to Two Other high profile SAP Platforms available today

Low-code development platforms are environments specifically designed for developers to create software and applications through the use of a GUI (graphical user interface) instead of the traditional method of inputting code.

Low-code development platforms have early roots, dating back to the rise of rapid application development tools of the late ’90s and early 2000s. As the years went forward, so did the advancements of low-code development, as well as its usage in varying industries. One of these industries was SAP.

There are a few SAP low-code/no-code development platforms available out there, such as Mendix, Pillir and OutSystems. With so many available platforms, choosing the right one becomes a more daunting task.

Pillir has published their eight-point comparison of Mendix, OutSystems, and their own platform to help users find the right low-code application development platform for their business.

The first comparison was the overall approach to low-code development. The report makes clear that Mendix is designed to take a transformative approach to app development, as their platform allows people of different abilities to develop apps.

OutSystems, however, is designed for development teams who wish to use a more traditional approach. OutSystems takes traditional code and makes it visual.

Pillir’s founders didn’t set out to make a low-code rapid application development platform. Their primary goal was to solve real-world business problems that enterprises were facing when it came to the customisation of ERP.

Due diligence and vendor research is advised before signing up with any of these SAP platforms. A vendor should have a proven history of providing great customer service while also matching users’ needs.

In Pillir’s comparison, they mentioned that Mendix was founded in 2005, whilst OutSystems was formed in 2001—meaning they both have a long track record of competing within the low-code space. However, unlike Pillir, who formed in 2013, Mendix and OutSystems were developed before cloud services became commonplace (they later pivoted to the cloud).

Pillir was born in the cloud and based on microservices architecture. Its platform makes deploying and maintaining easy and has the advantage of automatic scaling. Pillir also has a team overseeing processes, and if they notice one needs to be adapted or updated, they work on that feature without having to perform any updates to an entire monolithic software.

To find out more about Pillir readers are invited to visit their website at pillir.io or alternatively check out the company profile on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pillir/

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