Pillar Publishes Article About the Myths Surrounding SAP Low/No-Code Platforms

Pillar recently publishes an article regarding the myths that surrounding SAP Low/No-Code platforms and how due diligence should be paid instead of listening to the myths

Pillir has recently published its latest blog post covering the myths about low/no-code platforms that are common within the SAP community. SAP is known for offering an extensive range of features, modules, and integrations, and this includes low/no-code services.

Every business is unique, but there are limited choices of platforms that provide essential capabilities, which is why they often opt for in-house development. However, Pillir firmly believes that an app can be built and deployed much quicker by using a low-code development platform that has automatic integration into its SAP core.

In some cases, if a high level of developer control is required for the app, then traditional development may be the best course of action. However, SAP low-code development options present a long list of efficient features. The myths surrounding this kind of platform are holding organisations back from taking efficiency to an entirely new level.

Pillir describes the first myth: SAP low-code platforms simply don’t have the necessary sophistication to address complicated processes within businesses. However, Pillir claims this is false.

The second myth is that low-code development is putting people out of work. Pillir notes that, while these platforms make development an easier task, they won’t entirely replace developers, who are still required for multiple tasks, such as security patches and customization testing.

The third myth is that low-code development creates more technical debt. Most organisations who are modernizing their processes or migrating to the cloud discover they have massive amounts of technical debt. The technical code, which was developed many years ago, may now be obsolete and may actually stand in the way of modernization, which makes cloud integration costlier. This is where low-code platforms truly help businesses.

There are more myths that Pillir address in their blog post, which can be found on their website at the following link: https://www.pillir.io/

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