Pillar Content & Ultimate Guide Writing Expert Strategies Report Launched

A new guide to topic cluster content marketing guides has been launched by WriteForMe. The content marketing agency provides strategies for creating effective, SEO-optimized content for clients in any niche.

WriteForMe has launched a new guide called the “Ultimate Guide to Writing Pillar Content and Ultimate Guides”. It’s designed to provide insight and guidance into how to create evergreen pillar content for business websites.

More information can be found at: https://writeforme.io/ultimate-guide-to-writing-ultimate-guides

Pillar content, often referred to as cornerstone content, is insightful and informative content on specific topics or themes. Pieces can help companies to get found through keyword-rich SEO-optimized web copy.

The newly launched guide from WriteForMe was designed with the goal of helping more businesses to establish quality pillar content. Content is one of the most important elements of building a strong online presence, and the newly launched guide can help readers to elevate their content campaigns.

For entrepreneurs and businesses in any sector, creating pillar content can be time-consuming, confusing and exhausting. Details on what to include can be hard to find, and often this leads professionals unsure how to progress. The new guide was created to help overcome these issues.

One of the primary benefits of the new guide is to help companies to increase website traffic. It details proven methods for boosting ROI, nurturing leads, and improving Google ranking through the creation of bespoke SEO-optimized content.

Clients will be able to utilize the guide as a tool for building their own content calendar, identifying the right target audience, and creating content for potential customers.

The guide references topic clusters, where companies will have one over-arching content piece linking to numerous related topical articles. While the pillar page gives an overall view of the broad topic, the cluster pages cover different related elements in more detail.

Businesses are able to harness this approach to content by publishing their own ultimate guides on their business website.

In addition to the new guide, WriteForMe is also offering a content marketing playbook. This is free to download and is created individually for each client so that it’s unique to their business.

Following a 45-minute discovery call, during which time the team can get to know the client, the playbook will be created. This will provide details on how the client compares to their competition, where their content gaps are, and more.

Full details can be found at: https://hello.writeforme.io/free-content-marketing-playbook-calendar

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