Pill Cutter Splitter Automatic Easy Safe & Exact Launched On Amazon

The SplitEase Pill Cutter, a premier pill cutter and splitter to easily and accurately split or cut standard and large sized pills in halves with its custom automatic pill centering mechanism and safe non razor cutting blade has been launched on Amazon.

The popular SplitEase has announced the launch of its SplitEase Pill Cutter on Amazon, including a premier, ergonomic and easy to use design to help easily and safely cut or split multiple standard or large pills.

More information is available at https://goo.gl/S3DPdq.

The SliptEase Pill Cutter is the flagship release by the SplitEase brand and developed by its renowned team of professionals to provide a unique, robust and high performing solution designed to ensure anyone, regardless of hand strength or dexterity, is able to safely, easily and accurately cut standard or large sized pills.

Its unique and ergonomic design includes a custom automatic pill placement mechanism allowing for an accurate centering to split a wide variety of pill shapes and sizes in exact halves as well as a custom stainless steel non-razor cutting blade tailored to ensure a safe and clean pill cutting or splitting for pills preferably thicker than 3.4 mm and no wider than 19 mm – about the size of a penny and the thickness of two pennies lying flat, stacked one on top of the other.

In addition to the custom pill auto-centering and non-razor cutting blade, the SplitEase Pill Cutter, entirely sourced and manufactured in the USA, is built to industrial-grade standards and complete with a robust polycarbonate plastic box with rounded smooth edges for enhanced user safety.

More information on the SplitEase Pill Cutter and its custom features or instructions on how to use it along with details on limited 40% discount offers available as well as multiple customer or user testimonials, and more, can be consulted on the SplitEase website link provided above.

The SplitEase team explains that “most pill cutters on the market today just don’t seem to be up to the job they’re designed for. What should be a simple, routine task can easily turn into an extremely frustrating exercise with the mass produced products usually hanging in the corner of drug stores. We spent months researching and working to solve this problem and are proud to introduce one of the most advanced pill cutters in the market to Amazon”.

They add that “it cuts hundreds of standard and large sized pills with a stainless steel cutting blade offering better safety and performance than the dangerous razor blade based pill cutters. In addition to the custom blade, our pill cutter also has a custom placement mechanism inside that centers the pills and allows to cleanly and precisely cut them in half or in fourths to accurately get the proper dose right every single time”.

To visit the manufacturer’s website, go to: https://www.PerfectPillCutter.com/

And to visit the Amazon.com store listing without the coupon code, click here.

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