Pierce Property Services Has Announced a New Fleet of Pressure Washing Equipment

Pierce Property Services, a Boston based firm, has announced the addition of new pressure washing equipment for its customers.

Pierce Property Services, a Boston based firm, has announced the addition of new pressure washing equipment for its customers. Pierce Property Services primarily deal with cleaning and improving commercial properties is proudly adding its capacity so that, they can serve their ever growing customer base. The buying of the new fleet of pressure washing machines comes in the backdrop of increased customer demands. This was necessary for the company to increase its capacity. As much as the company wants to serve more people, it also intends to improve the quality of their service so that they can remain the favorite among customers. What should Customers Expect?

While the company has not disclosed entirely where the new power washing equipment will be used, it is clear that the customers will see some changes. With a reputation for efficient service delivery, things can only get better. Pierce Property Services operations manager says that customers will experience quicker service, more clean sidewalks, footpaths and parking areas. The new fleet of pressure washers will increase their efficiency and quality as a whole while allowing new customers to scheduler in a shorter timeline.

Pierce Property Services says that the new move will not have any cost implications to the current or new customers. According to the manager in charge of operations, their main intention is to attract more customers by offering quality services with a quicker schedule window. “The customer will not be responsible in any way for the service delivery improvements. Our charges will remain the same despite the improvements in service delivery”, says the Matthew Pierce. How Different Are The New Equipment From The Old Ones? For one, the company does not intend to dispose of their old equipment. The new equipment will work as an addition to the already available ones. However, the company is working on a process of bringing in the most advanced technology. This is why the new machines are more powerful than the current ones. According to Matthew, they have invested heavily in machines that can last long, pump water at higher pressure, and consume less energy. The new machines are also highly mobile making it easier to work in remote areas.

The power of the new pressure washers also means that the effort to clean high elevations will be less. Water will be pumped up at high pressure leading to sparkling clean surfaces, windows, and walls.

The launching of the new fleet of pressure washers puts Pierce Property Services top on the list of service providers with modern equipment. The company is also planning to employ new staff to help build their capacity.

Pierce Property Services hopes to draw new customers as well as expand their service areas. This can be termed as a positive move considering the ever-expanding need for commercial property service providers and cleaners.

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