Pico Rivera CA Gold/Silver Jewelry Testing – Precious Metal Pawn Service Updated

Greater Los Angeles pawnshop Western Loan & Jewelry (323-210-4500) has updated its gold and silver testing services as part of its valuation, purchase, and pawn loan services. Precious metal appraisals are also available to customers in Bell Gardens, Belvedere Gardens, and the surrounding area.

The shop and its team of friendly staff have launched precise and accurate precious metal appraisal services to the Pico Rivera community and are committed to offering trustworthy service to all pawn and collateral loan customers. Having been in business for over 50 years, Western Loan and Jewelry is one of the area’s top-rated pawnshops.

More information is available at https://www.westernloan.com

The new service was announced as a way to ensure customers receive accurate appraisals for their gold and silver items. The updated metal testing methods use state-of-the-art jewelry appraisal technology and are in line with the industry’s highest quality standards.

The National Pawnbrokers Association allows for the use of various metal testing procedures including rare earth magnets, electronic gold testers, and x-ray fluorescence. While rare earth magnets test for the presence of magnetic elements in costume jewelry, the latter techniques involve scraping the surface of a gold or silver item to test its quality. Investing in a reliable metal testing device is an essential part of a pawnshop’s success.

Western Loan and Jewelry’s strict testing standards ensure the purchase and sale of genuine jewelry and bullion.

All jewelry brought into the shop by customers is tested and appraised by specially trained and certified staff. They are able to test each piece quickly and thoroughly to offer clients the highest price for their jewelry based on its current market value.

Clients are paid for their items by either cash or cheque and receive same-day payouts. Unlike many smaller shops, the pawnshop does not place a limit on the amount of gold or silver clients can sell per visit. The store’s no limit policy is especially beneficial for clients with large estates.

With the release of its new service, Western Loan and Jewelry remains committed to continuing its legacy of providing high-quality, accurate appraisals. The shop also buys, sells, and loans against designer handbags, luxury watches, tools, electronics, and diamonds.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We offer the best prices for all gold, silver, or other jewelry items to ensure that clients always receive the best deal possible. Our shop has been located in the heart of East Los Angeles since 1964 and is committed to providing customers with the quality service they have come to expect from our shop.”

Interested parties can find more information on the gold and silver testing methods available at Western Loan and Jewelry by visiting https://www.westernloan.com

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