Pickett Chiropractic Expands Service To Include Navarre Massage

One of Navarre’s most experienced Chiropractic clinics Pickett Chiropractic has recently started offering Chiropractic Massage service. The clinic has already created a brand new website and completed an extensive hiring process to support this key business expansion.

Top rated Navarre Chiropractor Dr. Joshua Pickett is pleased to announce that Pickett Chiropractic has just started offering Chiropractic Massage Service. This clinic has already made a name in this region by delivering world class Chiropractic Care that includes auto accident care, spinal rehabilitation, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, decompression therapy, and many other latest chiropractic procedures. Over the years, many pain sufferers have trusted Pickett Chiropractic for fast and long-term relief with minimum risk. Immediately after the service expansion, Pickett Chiropractic has recruited additional manpower to better serve the clinic’s ever expanding clientele and their needs.

A potent combination of holistic and scientific medicine, Chiropractic Massage focuses on musculoskeletal health, nervous system, and the physical adjustment of the spine. It is different from all other types of massages because unlike massage, it provides equal emphasis to the whole body. While creating a Chiropractic Massage plan for a patient, the chiropractor considers everything starting from joint problems to potential issues. Many pain sufferers prefer Chiropractic Massages because it is normally covered by insurance, also.

Some of the most important benefits of Chiropractic Massage are – Reduction in lower back pain: Chiropractic technique can rectify the alignment problems that cause lower back pain, Stress Management: Promotes increased blood circulation and reduced muscle fatigue, both of which lessen the negative effects of stress, Improved Chiropractic Adjustments: Mobility gains and larger pain relief for the patient, Increased Flexibility: By relaxing the muscles and getting the spine correctly aligned, it improves the flexibility and helps reduce any stiffness, Reduced future pain: Boosts the amount of relief time, and minimizes the likelihood of persistent pain in the future.

As a Navarre Massage clinic, Pickett Chiropractic is now utilizing a wide range of efficient manipulation techniques including direct thrust, articulatory, indirect positional technique, muscle energy, functional technique, and myofascial release.

“The adjustments or manipulations are meant to open up circulation in the patient’s body in order to encourage healing. However, the treatment plan and its implementation may also rely on the style, technique or approach the chiropractor uses,” says Dr. Pickett.

Patients receiving treatment at Pickett Chiropractic receive the highest quality care via the most modern chiropractic equipment and procedures. Pickett Chiropractic and their advanced Massage Therapy Navarre is the leading Chiropractic and Massage office, located in the heart of Navarre for people’s convenience at 1816 Alpine Drive, Navarre, Florida 32566. Give them a call during normal work hours to start feeling better at (850) 939-3339.

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