Physix Gear Sport’s Orthotic Insoles Defies Convention

Physix Gear Sport has defied convention in the health and fitness market with the release of Orthotic Insoles. Further information can be found at

Physix Gear Sport today reflected on its release of Orthotic Insoles 2 years ago, which was in development for twelve weeks. The main aim was always to balance the force structure of the foot, providing a convenient and extremely soothing solution for those with flat feet, runner’s knee, shin splints and achilles tendinitis. Physix Inserts relieves metatarsal arch and heel pain, corrects abnormal walking patterns, relieves metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), helps with patellofemoral syndrome (knee pain), plantar fasciitis and helps low back pain…. and by defying convention, this Arch Supports Orthotic Inserts did so, with a difference.

Adam Noah, Co-Founder at Physix Gear Sport, says: “Physix wanted to try something new with Orthotic Insoles. Anyone familiar with the health and fitness market will probably have noticed how everyone else always seemed to offer low-quality orthotic inserts that are expensive and not as effective. Physix felt this was a problem because people don’t deserve to pay more than they have to and just get inferior quality material orthotic insole..”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Orthotic Insoles instead crafted from high-quality and durable medical-grade Dual Base Layered High-performance EVA foam and PU material, these comfortable orthotic inserts make your feet feel like they’re walking on clouds! Deep Heel Cradle for Stability, Anti-Microbial Top Fabric and a Low Profile Ultra-Thin Design ensures your feet get the best tender loving care they deserve – anywhere, anytime, use after use!

Adam Noah also said “Physix want to give customers exceptional support for proper foot posture and arch support, Physix insoles are meticulously designed to reduce pain and discomfort. . With Orthotic Insoles, they have a fresh new possibility. Physix want them to feel comfortable and relieved when using Orthotic Insoles. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk worth taking.”

Physix Gear Sport has been in business since 2016, being established in August 2016. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to revolutionize the fitness and health market by holding to Physix’s mission of injecting a customer-centric experience without compromising product quality into the industry. Quibble-free returns, occasional gifts, great value, and constant support are just a few of the gems Physix offer clients. Long-term repeat clients are far more valuable to us than a sales conveyor belt without a personal touch.

This isn’t the first time Physix Gear Sport has defied convention either. In 2015 they caused a stir when people keep coming back to Physix compression socks.

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