PhysioMax Wellness now Providing Physiotherapy Treatments for Neurological Conditions

Kirsten believes in the importance of lifelong learning and has pursued further professional development; she is certified in Soft Tissue Release and certified in administering the Chedoke McMaster Stroke Assessment, and is scheduled to complete the APTEI Acupuncture & Dry Needling Introduction course in June.

Excessive fatigue affects the majority of people with Multiple Sclerosis. The level of fatigue can be overwhelming, and affect an individual’s quality of life. Such fatigue may be a direct effect of the disease process on the central nervous system, or may be secondary to weakness, stiffness, tremor, disturbed sleep or depression.

Some medications may have a beneficial effect on MS fatigue, but they do not help all people and may also have adverse effects. Non-pharmacological methods, such as physiotherapy, may therefore also be useful to help manage this disabling symptom.

Call PhysioMax Wellness today to book an appointment with Kirsten Labaj, for an exercise Program and Techniques that can help manage fatigue. Kirsten has a strong passion for working with neurological conditions, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Kirsten received the Eleanor Lees Prize in 2014 from McMaster University for excellence in both academics and clinical practice related to neurology. Kirsten is dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment plans to help clients with neurological conditions achieve greater independence and a greater quality of life.

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