Physicians and Medical Practice Managers Outsourced Medical Billing Service

Physicians Billing RX a Certified Medical Revenue Cycle Managment Company is offering a FREE Practice Analysis effective July 01, 2017. Current customers can find out more information on or call toll free 844-727-9669

In an ongoing effort to streamline and improve business, Physicians Billing RX announced that it will be offering FREE Practice Analysis as of March1, 2016. Physicians, Practice Managers, Medical Practice, Doctors have used this Medical Revenue Cycle Management system for 23 years to get Claims Paid Faster the first time. To focus on patients, not paperwork and increase their Cash Flow.

Physicians Billing RX recognizes that finding alternatives may be challenging, and is providing customers with additional information and resources on the company website:

When asked about the reasons why physicians and medical practices would want to outsource their medical billing. Robert Crewsonberry who is a Certified Medial Revenue Manager stated. Given the complexity of today’s medical revenue cycle processes, it takes the specialized skill of medical billing professionals to ensure a practices’ financial success. The challenges that internal billing operations are faced with on a regular basis can lead to collection shortfalls and non-compliance issues that will eventually stress everyone out and then reflect on poor patient care.

He stated they were excited to share the latest technology avaliable today. They want you to focus on patient care not paperwork. Therefore if you’re excited by the prospect of a “no headache” electronic medical billing service with accurate insurance claims processing that still gives you full control of your patient records, they have got the solution you’re looking for.

Contact them today and they will answer any questions you may have, then they will ask you a few questions and then develop a customized proposal showing you all the benefits of their service.

Free Practice Analysis

Physicians, Practice Managers, Medical Practice, Doctors looking for the most up-to-date information about the Medical Billing process can view specific information at Customers who have specific questions about Medical Billing may contact Physicians Billing RX via their website or call toll free 844-727-9669

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