Physician CME Credit/Medical Certification Expiration Tracking Platform Launched

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The CME credit and medical certification tracking application medtigo Connect has launched a number of updates that provide enhanced features and functionality for physicians.

Healthcare professionals now have access to an updated version of the CME and certification tracking platform medtigo Connect.

Join medtigo Connect for no cost at:

The recently updated application provides healthcare professionals with free CMEs, certificate courses, and job placement services, as well as helping users to keep track of all CME and licensing compliance requirements.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are required by some states annually in order to maintain a medical license, and most hospitals also require a certain number of CME credits in order to continue seeing patients.

For many physicians, keeping track of how many credits they require and when is an unnecessary distraction from their primary duties. The recently updated medtigo Connect platform acts as a virtual assistant, keeping track of and reminding healthcare providers about upcoming deadlines.

The improved application is rules-based, meaning that each user can personalize the recommendations to suit their own requirements. These might include medical licensure, CME credits, or any other accreditation obligations.

Created by physicians and healthcare professionals, the team at medtigo Connect will assist new members with uploading relevant certifications and documents, which are then stored in the user’s personal vault.

The enhanced application will then provide automated time-to-expiration notification emails as well as on-demand access to summary reports.

Members of the medtigo Connect ecosystem can also send copies of their documents to others, or authorize a place of work such as a hospital to access their document vault.

The medtigo Connect platform utilizes two-factor authentication level security for all its cloud-based functions, meaning that user’s personal documents are always securely stored.

A number of premium services are also now available, including completion of hospital credentialing or re-credentialing processes, fully managed applications for state licensing, and a Concierge Tracking service that assigns a personal concierge to the user’s account.

A company representative stated: “Our tracker feature allows you to upload and track all of your certifications, licenses, and CME’s to make sure you stay compliant without needing to worry. Our platform was created by physicians as a safe and trustworthy place for all of your professional needs.”

Interested parties can join medtigo Connect with no costs at:

Release ID: 89018835