Physician And Doctor Mortgage Home Fixed Term ARM Brokerage Launched

RX Lending announces the launch of mortgage products specially designed for those in the medical profession. Gift funds, low down payments and refinancing are a few key benefits.

RX Lending has launched a specialized range of loan products for medical professionals. Some of the benefits include no down payment and that gift funds are allowed.

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RX Lending has launched loans that meet the demand for physician mortgage products. Both fixed term and ARM loans are available through this firm. They also offer the refinance of a current loan on a primary residence.

Medical professionals serve the community in such essential aspects. Very often they do this to the neglect of their own well being and advancement. RX Lending was created to offer home buying opportunities exclusively for doctors.

They are an aggregator for banks and mortgage providers. All the products and professionals listed on their website have been vetted and have the best physician mortgage products in the market. RX Lending are business brokers in loans for those in the medical profession such as doctors and physicians.

Loans are available to those who are purchasing a single residence and have completed degrees in MD, DO, DDS, or DMD. They must have a FICO score of 700+. Those with other designations may contact the firm to check availability.

RX Lending accepts gift funds for a down payment and closing costs. Non-occupant co-borrowers are also allowed. They offer 30, 20, and 15 year periods for fixed loans and 5 and 7 Years ARM. Easy to apply doctor and physician mortgages make it possible for medical professionals to find and finance their dream home.

RX Lending is able to offer a variety of mortgage products and exclusive options that are not available to anyone else. The firm does not endorse any particular institution or product. They have compared similar programs and selected the best in the market, that serves the interest of medical professionals.

For more information visit their website given above or call them on +1-858-943-6224.

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