Physical Product Reaches 50 Users

Collapsible Colanders reaches 50 users of the popular physical product product

Candy’s Kitchen Helper announces its 50th review on Amazon. Not everyone likes to leaves a review so hitting 50 is a time to celebrate. This is a milestone for its physical product, Collapsible Colanders. In celebration of this event, Candy’s Kitchen Helper will be sourcing more kitchen products to add to the product line.

Candy’s Kitchen Helper Collapsible Colanders has attracted users who are interested in a product that offers space savings. These colanders allow the user to free up valuable kitchen space that can be used by large metal colanders. They fold so small that the colanders fit into drawers, this means the consumer does not have to bend down to those hard to reach lower cabinets. Being able to store the product in a drawer is great for older people who may find it hard to bend to lower cabinets. The continued popularity has spawned several innovations, including these: They can be hung or nested inside each other and stored horizontally. If a consumer is looking for a basic, all-purpose colander set that will last a long time, this set of three different sizes is the set to buy! They are colorful, good quality, easy to store, and easy to use!!!.

Sadie, Sales associate, has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of Collapsible Colanders and upon reaching this milestone, had this to say about the space saving colanders:

“Functional and attractive. I know people have complained about handles not being sturdy, but you have to use the right size for your food. It is also recommended that you drain some of the water for hot items such as pasta before pouring into strainer to prevent splashing. The Candy’s Kitchen Helper Colanders are functional and attractive – does what I expect it to, cleans and stores easily.”

People looking for a new physical product are encouraged to take a look at the Collapsible Colanders website at


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