Physical Cybersecurity Services Protect Businesses Facing Rising Cyber Attacks

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Juris Disputes & Investigations releases information on how its new investigator-led expanded cybersecurity services will better protect small to mid-size businesses from cyber attacks.

Earlier today, Juris Disputes & Investigations announced the launch of its DarkBox Security Systems that include the Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT), set to go live 2-7-2022. This new development will be worth paying attention to as it’s set to shake things up in the world of cybersecurity for small to mid-size businesses.

“A person will notice we often physically deploy to our clients to provide cybersecurity services,” says Andrew Sternke, Chief Private Investigator at Juris Disputes & Investigations. “The Cybersecurity Incident Response Team earns the trust of our cybersecurity clients by being there for them during a cyber crisis.” Sternke makes a point of saying, “businesses that are victims or potential victims don’t have to be when our cybersecurity services launch.”

The DarkBox Security Systems is a subscription-based cybersecurity protection plan for efficiency customized for every business or organization. Additionally, this service also consists of the Cybersecurity Incident Response Team that can deploy to a client’s place of business with availability 24 hours a day.

Juris Disputes & Investigations earns the trust of its cybersecurity clients by being there for them during a cyber crisis at a moment’s notice. Their DarkBox Security Systems require a high standard and accountability due to the confidential client information accessed during cybersecurity services. Sternke continues, “Where you see competitors doing the same old thing with remote-based IT help desk support, we hold a higher standard and accountability by requiring every cybersecurity member be a licensed private investigator.”

“We often deploy physically to the business or organization to assist with a cyber-attack or ransomware. Ultimately, this will be a critical benefit to our clients because they no longer have to spend countless hours figuring out their cybersecurity issues,” says Sternke. “We do it for them, right beside them, educating them, while protecting their systems from an ongoing cyber attack while preserving their data, reputation, and forensic evidence of the attack.”

Juris Disputes & Investigations was established in January 2021 and Veteran Owned. With over 20 years of experience, it aims to provide 24/7 cybersecurity services to Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex clients via their DarkBox Security Systems and Cybersecurity Incident Response Team deployments.

Currently, the closest thing to Juris Disputes & Investigations DarkBox Security Systems is other cybersecurity services that are inefficient in today’s fast-moving and evolving cybercrime world. Juris Disputes & Investigations improves this by using only licensed private investigators on the Cybersecurity Incident Response Team along with the customized cybersecurity protection of its proprietary DarkBox Security Systems. This alone is predicted to quickly make Juris Disputes & Investigations cybersecurity services more popular with customers in the SMB space.

Juris Dispute and Investigations expanded cybersecurity services is set to launch 2-7-2022. To find out more, the place to visit is

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