PHP Coding Challenges for Developers and Employers Starts Now

Geektastic announced the availability of their new PHP Coding Challenges beginning NOW. More information can be found at

Developers and Employers looking for the latest PHP Coding Challenges will now be able to get involved with Geektastic. Today Rick Brownlow, CEO at Geektastic releases details of their PHP Coding Challenge service.

The PHP Coding Challenges is designed to appeal specifically to developers and employers and includes:

Enjoyable Challenges – This feature was included because the PHP code challenges are designed to be completed within a reasonable time scale. This is great news for the consumer as it shows how the challenges are a uniquely capable tool for assessing the skills and competencies of a developer within a realistic time frame.

Open Minded Approach – This was made part of the service, since PHP is a language with a long history, and it’s development has created a language which can be used in many different ways. Every problem can be approached in various different ways, and each solution may be appropriate in different scenarios. Geektastic work on the basis that there often is not a single correct approach for a given problem. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because it enables full and proper feedback which can help understand the advantages and disadvantages of the approach taken.

More information about Geektastic can be found on their website,

Rick Brownlow, when asked about the PHP Coding Challenges Service said:

“We are building a wide variety of PHP coding challenges, these are carefully crafted to assess a number of different aspects of PHP development. Which of these elements is considered important will vary from person to person and organisation to organisation. Some important elements that a PHP coding challenge could be crafted to assess include, Object-oriented design principles, understanding of PHPs built-in functions, and much more”

This is the latest offering from Geektastic and Rick Brownlow is particularly excited about the challenges and the results it can achieve.

Those interested in learning more about Geektastic and their PHP Coding Challenges Service scan do so on the website at

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