Photography DSLR Camera Mobile Phone Smartphone Apps Comparison Launched

My Free Photos To You has launched a new report comparing DSLR cameras to smartphone cameras for photographers. It breaks down the pros and cons of each option, so people can make an informed decision.

A new photography report has been launched by My Free Photos To You, a photography specialist that offers free stock photo packs, information ebooks, and a wide range of articles on the subject. It explains that photography has evolved in the human consciousness to a magnificent state, and has become more easily accessible than ever, leading to more and more people being able to take high quality photos with powerful equipment.

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Since Philippe Kahn introduced us to mobile phone cameras in 1997, cell phone photography has become a staple of the modern consumer, and with so many people having easy access to smartphones, impressive photos can be taken at all times.

However there are still benefits to using a DSLR camera over a smartphone camera. Since technology is always evolving and new brands are entering the fray all the time, the report doesn’t focus on specific makes, but instead opts to focus on the benefits of each type of camera so that people wanting to decide between smartphone cameras and DSLRs can make an informed decision.

DSLR cameras are especially designed for capturing images. They are built with image quality in mind, with large sensors that smartphones simply can’t replicate. In addition to this, they have access to lenses, which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities when taking photos. Photographers can buy specific lenses for their needs, however this also makes DSLR cameras quite expensive.

One of the benefits of smartphone cameras is that they are far less bulky. In addition to this, they can run a huge range of apps, which makes them a good tool for creative expression. While the one focal length offered by smartphone cameras can be limiting, it can also boost creativity, because people have to think outside the box to get the best results.

The full range of benefits each option provides can be found by reading the URL above, which offers in depth analysis of the choices available.

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