Photographer Certification Course for Fairytale Photographers Celebrates Launch

Photographer Certification course launched for Fairytale Photographers. Future Fairy Godmothers invited to visit to get their free downloadable Fairytale Photographers Manifesto.

In an enchanting change of pace, a new Photographer Certification program called “Fairytale Photographers Certification” will be celebrating the launch of its certification course for photographers. Future fairy godmothers are invited to visit the Facebook Page ‘Fairy Photographer Secrets’ to get their free downloadable copy of the Fairytale Photographers Manifesto. It’s reported the launch of the photographer certification course will start on February 15, 2020.

Michelle Gomez, Fairy Godmother at Fairytale Photographers Certification, says, “We want to provide our future fairy godmothers with the opportunity to get certified as fairytale photographers because we know how important it is for them to claim their powers so they can make children’s lives magical.”

In a space where most photography education programs are presented in a pretty dry style, Fairytale Photographers Certification has opted to be quite a bit more magical with the launch of its new photographers education course. Ms. Gomez, Owner of Fairytale Photographers Certification, has made her training fun, using gamification. Her students will be able to win prizes as they complete levels while building their “kingdoms” as part of their instruction.

The course providies the how-tos of setting up a fairytale photo shoot. In addition, Ms. Gomez will also share her business secrets, including the unique systems and frameworks that have brought her success.

When asked about Fairytale Photographers Certification, Ms. Gomez said, “We think it’s going to be a real hit because it combines the love of fairytales and immersive experiences with a unique business model. It took a lot of effort to figure out all the details on how to have a successful photography business.

“When I started incorporating my love of fairytales, everything changed for me and for my clients! Suddenly, the family photo sessions became memorable events, where the children feel how it is to be inside the fairytales themselves. These moments became far more than photo shoots. And then afterwards, the parents and the children have the beautiful photos to keep so they can always remember the wonder.”

Michelle Gomez has always thrived on creating unique and fun experiences. Her goal is that the Fairytale Photographers Certification will give photographers the opportunity to set themselves apart from others who provide photography services. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways Fairytale Photographers Certification achieves that goal.

“Our objective is to give future fairy godmothers a way to create a purpose-driven business that gives them joy and provides children in their communities with captivating moments,” says Ms. Gomez.

Michelle Gomez has cracked the code and is now teaching photographers all over the world how to monetize their passion for fairytales and photography so they can create businesses on their own terms. Fairytale Photographers Certification is set to launch February 15, 2020. To find out more, visit the ‘Fairytale Photographer Secrets’ page on Facebook:

For further information about Fairytale Photographers Certification and to download a free Fairytale Photographers Manifesto, visit:

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