Photo Restoration Services Offered to Bellevue, WA Residents and Beyond

Bellevue Photo Restoration announced the launch of their photo restoration services in Bellevue, WA and other areas.

Services to restore old, faded or somewhat damaged photos will be offered to residents of Bellevue, Wa.  People who live outside the area (including out of state) can also be served since services provided are done digitally, and files can be transferred online.

The page detailing full service availability and pricing can be found here:…

Bellevue Photo Restoration is designed to address the most common issues faced by those people looking to have a picture restored.  The service includes:

Working on digital format so customer’s originals are unaltered – granting the security of knowing the original photos do not leave the customer’s possession.  People should be cautious about sending photos somewhere, and it should never be the originals that are sent.

Part of what the service provides is adjusting and fixing colors – this includes removing yellow casts common for aging photos, fading is removed, excess noise (artifacts) removed, scratches repaired and other touches the pictures may need, on a case by case basis.

Sometimes pictures need to be assessed and inventoried to ensure they are not permanently lost to damage or aging.  These include looking at the photographs that are displayed in picture frames around the home.  There may be obvious vintage family pictures that fit into the category of needing restoration, but it also may include pictures in the 60 – 80’s as well, that tend to get overlooked. 

Most people have family pictures lying around in a drawer or album, intending to do something more with those items.  It might be time to stop procrastinating and get to that project while the photo is still there and usable, or better yet consider having it restored before framing it so it looks its best and a digital copy is made.  This process also lends itself readily to share those pictures with other loved ones.  

Restored pictures can make very special gifts for any occasion.

Those interested in learning more about the services can do so on the company website at

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