Photo Mosaic Booth Rentals – Fastest ROI in Event Marketing

With more than 15 years of experience, Keshot is a company that specializes in providing unique event marketing solutions through custom photo booth and other tools.

Las Vegas, NV—Keshot is a social media photo booth company whose services help to cultivate relationships, increase engagement, and enhance event marketing solutions for companies around the world. By uniting state-of-the-art engineering tools with a passion for brand engagement, Keshot is causing a stir in the industry and driving technological development in the process. Their newest feature is a photo mosaic station that they claim has the fastest return on investment (ROI) in the event rentals industry.

The idea of a more holistic approach to marketing is growing in popularity with companies of all kinds, as more business owners come to understand the importance of an integrated strategy toward relationship building with customers. A common solution is to rely on user-generated content, where customer-submitted pictures and social media posts are given center stage as a way to celebrate the relationship between a brand and a customer.

The idea of user-generated content is powerful conceptually, but many companies have trouble encouraging that level of engagement from customers. By providing a convenient, streamlined service that’s easily accessible to event-goers, Keshot is offering solutions that go unrivaled by other event marketing technology companies.

Keshot’s photo technology includes a number of unique event marketing offerings, with their signature photo booth kiosks capable of both still photography and GIF generation. Keshot also offers portable versions of their kiosks called Keshot-on-a-Tablet, as well as stations with multiple cameras to produce 3D video. Their innovative Keshot Paparazzi adds an extra level to customer-brand interactions by introducing a professional photographer to take shots of event guests to be uploaded directly to social media.

But Keshot’s innovative event marketing technology doesn’t stop at just taking photos, and they have proven that with the launch of their new feature for a photo mosaic station. A photo mosaic station allows attendees at an event to upload their photos to a large mosaic of other user-generated content. It’s an opportunity for attendees to partake in a fun activity and to feel they are part of creating the event. The stations also allow custom branding and social media integration. These features translate into a high return on investment (ROI) for companies as they are an interactive way to truly engage customers and spread word of the brand and event on social media. With their photo mosaic station, Keshot helps drive traffic towards a company’s social media both in the moment and after the event ends.

Cultivating a deep, meaningful relationship with customers can be difficult, especially for companies that are looking to bridge the gap between traditional and digital means of communication. According to Keshot, that reason is precisely why they claim their goal is to provide more than just a novel service at marketing events – they want to help create multimedia connections that foster genuine, lasting relationships between brands and customers in a way that’s as technologically innovative as it is fun. For more information on their services, visit

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