Photo Models Unite for Think Pink Challenge

Former PinUp model wants to take the breast cancer awareness month and Think Pink campaign to a new level with a #ModelsUniteTheFight photo challenge.45

Former PinUp model and now successful business owner Trina Fee from Redding Ca. feels the Think Pink campaign is missing out on what could be it’s most visible and valuable asset. “Models are adored, idolized and enjoyed by all ages, sexes and across all media around the globe”, says Ms Fee. “Magazines, TV commercials, movies, calendars and now all the web properties like blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest can’t wait for the next update and photo. These are the visual playgrounds of models and big personalities every day. What better way to promote Breast Cancer Awareness than to empower and creatively inspire the most beautiful and interesting people in the world that also have the most to lose?

So what is the owner of All Pinned Up MakeUp and Hair Salon doing and proposing other models to climb aboard?

Simple, a month long Viral throw down much like the Ice Bucket Challenge that was such a hit last year.

“Models should take selfies or use their network of professional artists to get creative to make and post images with the hashtags #ModelsUniteTheFight and #ThinkPink to draw attention to the October Think Pink promotions. Just imagine thousands of the world’s most beautiful people flooding the internet with extraordinary images all focused on finally beating the horrible disease.”

“I brainstormed with my personal photographer TA Schmidt ( on how we do this and make this beautiful, classy, engaging and appealing. So we did a quick video and a handful of test shots to share the idea and then challenged some of my model friends from the Baby Area to get the ball rolling.

“We have all been touched some way by breast cancer… a sister, mother, a college friend or neighbor. We can pay it forward with our skills and images so our future generations of daughters no longer have to live in fear.”

Now it’s up to the modeling community to share the vision, get creative and challenge other models to stand together and #ModelsUniteTheFight!

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